Recycled Wood Crossarm

Retired Wood Crossarm #E010

E010 is the number designated to retired wooden Crossarms in TaiPower. The company transmits power to every venue and location, and electricity poles are fundamental in power grids, and wooden Crossarms carry various equipment on these poles. As transmission technologies evolve, roadside poles and cables have become rare, and wooden poles and wooden Crossarms are even more uncommon now. Retired wooden Crossarms continue to increase. TPCreative utilizes wooden Crossarms for other purposes, and hopes TaiPower can engage with our life in other ways.


Standing on Shoulders of Electricity Poles to Go Farther

Electricity poles are more than cement pillars. They carry a lot of power equipment, cables, voltage insulators, and even transformer boxes. These facilities do not float in the air. They are all mounted on wooden Crossarms, which function like the shoulders of electricity poles. By standing on the shoulders of electricity poles, cables can go farther to connect grids across Taiwan.

In earlier days, electricity poles and Crossarms were mostly made with timber. Weather-resistant species were chosen, and timber was made based on textures to maximize their loads and support power transmission.

Each wooden arm serves more than a decade, and time leaves unique marks on the surface. These aged wooden Crossarms are unique in texture. We like them to be firm and durable, and we are envious that wooden Crossarms can observe the world from above.

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