Within mundane retired materials, we identify potentials for rebirth, evaluate designs with highest standards, and contribute to the environment.

Circular Economy as Sustainable Practices

Taiwan Power Company (TaiPower) is responsible for supplying electricity to everyone in Taiwan. The business, at its core, is about optimal efficiency between resource consumption and energy outputs. While consuming resources, we continue to contemplate on environmental sustainability.

TPCreative represents how TaiPower practices environmental sustainability with a circular economy. We collect byproducts, discarded equipment, and retrieved components in the power generation process. After experiments, development, and sophisticated design pipelines, these resources are put back into production. We hope TPCreative items can appear in daily household scenarios, and elevate environmental awareness among consumers.

Recycled Materials in Diversity
TPCreative merchandise is based on recycled and circular materials. They are deconstructed and recomposed into a new life. We have dredged sludge from hydropower reservoirs. From retired power poles, we have taken number plates and wooden arms covered in time traces. We have retrieved fly ashes from coal-powered plants. We have also retrieved used voltage insulators. There are more materials waiting for next opportunities to shine again. All these materials, either in power generation or supply processes, have contributed to energy stability.
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Products by TPCreative

For all products, TPCreative collaborates with renowned design brands in Taiwan. Besides exploring materials with stories, we also look for designers with unique views and insights on product design. These special materials offer room for imagination, and bring design to the next level. While TaiPower does not know about design, we know how to respect professionals and their expertise.



Recycled Wood Crossarm

E010 is the number designated to retired wooden Crossarms in TaiPower. The company transmits power to every venue and location, and electricity poles are fundamental in power grids, and wooden Crossarms carry various equipment on these poles. As transmission technologies evolve, roadside poles and cables have become rare, and wooden poles and wooden Crossarms are even more uncommon now. Retired wooden Crossarms continue to increase. TPCreative utilizes wooden Crossarms for other purposes, and hopes TaiPower can engage with our life in other ways.

Recycled Transformer Box

After transmission over long distances across mountains, electricity finally reaches transformer boxes, which are the last stop before households. On these unassuming green boxes, painters have created outstanding artworks. These appealing visuals bring transformer boxes to the foreground of our views.


Hydropower generates electricity and brings sediments. When water levels are lower in dry summers, engineering teams take the opportunity to dredge. By removing sludge, it increases reservoir capacity, and offers usable materials.


In these structural recompositions, people certainly notice some seemingly familiar components. Either from roadside transformer boxes or curbside power poles, we rarely get to know those components well. TPCreative can at least retrieve three components for circular design from a power pole. After tests of time and natural forces, they are reborn with other functions in your homes. While they may not be glamorous at the first glance, these materials have withstood decades of quality tests outdoors.



There is something yellow in the soil. Is it gold? Repurposed materials often look insignificant. They are wastes and eyesores to many people, such as coal ashes or reservoir sludge. After iterative experiments, however, they can become reliable basic materials in different properties. While these materials are not gold, they receive comparable attention and treatment.



Electricity is essential to every aspect of modern life. From power generation, transmission, to supply to end users, each step is interconnected. Every switch is supported by massive grids and energy. This collection takes samples from many components in the power infrastructure. They stay with us in our familiar and regular daily life, as natural and stable as power supply.

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