Keep Crossing

Keep Crossing

There is something yellow in the soil. Is it gold? Repurposed materials often look insignificant.

They are wastes and eyesores to many people, such as coal ashes or reservoir sludge. After iterative experiments, however, they can become reliable basic materials in different properties.

While these materials are not gold, they receive comparable attention and treatment.


Design and Experiments for New Opportunities

Before they are reused, these materials are left in piles unwanted. As they cannot be reused directly, it takes unique perspectives and imagination to identify new opportunities. To expand applications, we try to combine various materials. We also conduct basic studies and experiments, in order to figure out their capabilities.

By observing raw materials in different conditions, designers can understand how many possibilities are potentially available. With appropriate stimulators and patience, we can deliver desirable results with seemingly useless materials.

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