Recycled Transformer Box

Recycled Transformer Box

After transmission over long distances across mountains, electricity finally reaches transformer boxes, which are the last stop before households. On these unassuming green boxes, painters have created outstanding artworks. These appealing visuals bring transformer boxes to the foreground of our views.

Painted Transformer Boxes as Unique Street Views in Taiwan

Paintings on transformer boxes are unique but familiar to people in Taiwan. Many regions have developed distinctive styles and local features. For maintenance, transformer boxes are repainted every three years. In recent years, neighborhoods and/or painters are invited to participate. Many three-dimensional artworks are created as a result.

After TaiPower modified its transformer box policies, however, it prioritized local environment and aesthetics. In order to minimize impacts on urban landscapes, TaiPower began to reduce the visibility of transformer boxes. To preserve these receding memories, TPCreative and designers reinterpret and bring them back to life.

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