Keep Upcycling

Keep Upcycling

In these structural recompositions, people certainly notice some seemingly familiar components. Either from roadside transformer boxes or curbside power poles, we rarely get to know those components well.

TPCreative can at least retrieve three components for circular design from a power pole. After tests of time and natural forces, they are reborn with other functions in your homes. While they may not be glamorous at the first glance, these materials have withstood decades of quality tests outdoors.


Between Give and Take, Deconstruction and Reconstruction

Between Give and Take, Between Deconstruction and Reconstruction

Many recycled components are presented mostly in their original statuses. After being retrieved from discarded equipment, these components only require minimal processes to be used again. Most of these components have been in service for a long time with superior quality. In new designs, they are often modified structurally and physically, and reapplied based on their physical properties.


Voltage insulators, wooden Crossarms, and number plates all belong to this category. They are often retrieved from electricity poles.


To withstand natural forces over time outdoors, these components are certainly reliable. New designs inherit durability from these materials, and deliver great and solid textures.

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