Keep in Life

Keep in life

Electricity is essential to every aspect of modern life. From power generation, transmission, to supply to end users, each step is interconnected. Every switch is supported by massive grids and energy. This collection takes samples from many components in the power infrastructure. They stay with us in our familiar and regular daily life, as natural and stable as power supply.


Another Perspective to Routines in Life

There are many routines in life. We wake up, go to work, get off work, and go to beed. It doesn’t feel exciting over time. This collection offers you a new perspective to life. Designers are inspired by elements in the power infrastructure. These products can be close to our life, just like the omnipresent electricity.

When you look up, electricity towers are beautiful geometrically. When you uncover manholes, underground grids are webbed. Slowly turning wind turbines can be comforting as well.

Observe from a different angle, and you’ll find something new in usual landscapes to expand your views.

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